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Celtic Corset by Maranox Celtic Corset :iconmaranox:Maranox 5 4
Therapy past due
          I don't remember if it was the pain searing its way through everything south of my breasts or the smell – that rusty, bitter smell of death – that woke me. The throbbing pulse of my back, the knife twisted in my abdomen. I could feel something on my legs, on the bed. What was it? Far away in the back of my mind a though occurred to me but it was just out of my grasp, I couldn't reach it.
          I don't remember if my first reaction was to be confused or frightened. Everything had been fine when I'd gone to bed, I'd been the picture of health, the poster child of nutritional eating and exercise – they could have built monuments representing my devotion to personal well-being. But then, what was this?
          I remember my phone. My maroon phone that looked like a miniature brick and had every number I could ev
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 3
woe is the silence that
seeps through the
effervescent haze of my
blinding post-alcoholic
state to purge the
lies I have
sown within.
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 0
Less of a Memory
Full Title: Less of a Memory, More of a Journey
The coming day
Was kept at bay
The world was but a sea of plight  
But I would break
That black cascade
To see you smile at me again
Time will tell
How we both fell
Into that dark despairing trance
The rocks at the bottom
Would cut us both open
As the sea swept up all around
What happened? Where are we?
How did we break our fall?
I can't
Hold us
Up  much longer
Our sins are weighing us down
Don't let go
We'll find a way
To make this dream happen somehow
But if we
Keep slipping
We'll both be drowning underneath
Forgive me!
Don't let go!
If we hold on we'll make it through
The emptiness
May pull at you
But I'm right here, just hold on
I'm not sorry that I fell in love
I can't regret what made me strong
If this was wrong then why did it happen
Why would we feel this way?
What happened? Where are we?
The sun is breaking
Through the fog
Through the anger
And blind rejection
We've made it after all
Here we stand
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 2
This way I'll walk by Maranox This way I'll walk :iconmaranox:Maranox 3 3 Arlington by Maranox Arlington :iconmaranox:Maranox 1 0 Doorway Down by Maranox Doorway Down :iconmaranox:Maranox 0 0
Little Leaf
little lamb
please come back
don't ever run away
little bird
learning to fly
don't trip and plunge below
little tree
winter is here
the frost comes seeping in
little boy
no longer awake
sinking into silent sleep
little girl
times do change
don't sit alone so long
little heart
make no mistake
we all fall down sometimes
:iconmaranox:Maranox 1 2
Little Twig by Maranox Little Twig :iconmaranox:Maranox 1 1 Monkey by Maranox Monkey :iconmaranox:Maranox 1 1
in all the
i knew him
he showed a
very rarely
but i could still
it in his
from time to time.
and then
all of that
when he met
and she could
make him
:iconmaranox:Maranox 1 2
Death to the Hopes of Men
                    How The Twilight Series Destroyed The Hopes of Men
          The popular hit series by author Stephanie Meyer includes four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Written in a manner that anyone could understand and follow along with, Meyer presents a teenaged romance between a human and a vampire. This typical, and cliché, teen romance has sparked love in the hearts of the majority of America’s young teen girls. But there’s a problem with the series. Not only has Meyer gone with a typical, cliché, and appealing teen romance that includes vampires and werewolves, she has also implanted a belief in the minds of young women all over this country, and, quite possibly, the world. Meyer has given young girls the idea that there are perfect men out there, a storybook romance is possible, a
:iconmaranox:Maranox 1 10
It Starts With A Cartoon
          There are cartoons specifically designed to teach children words, letters, and other useful things such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, Little Einstein, and others. There are cartoons designed to teach children life lessons, such as Winnie the Pooh, PB and J, Arthur, and Clifford. But there are also other cartoons, copious in number, that are seems to be specifically designed to desensitize children and teach them that violence is more than socially acceptable, it is normal. It also gives them an unrealistic if-I-die-I-will-pop-right-back-up-again view of death and injury. While these cartoons may not be written to directly attack the minds of children, they include numerous acts of violence, which their young minds absorb and store for later recollection. Children, however, do not realize that what they are watching is violent and their unsuspecting parents believe that what they are allowing their children to watch is h
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 3
When I originally sat down to start writing this, I figured I’d start at the beginning. But, after starting at the beginning and typing for several hours, I discovered that five pages had gone by and I hadn’t even reached the main point of my story. So I’m starting over with a clear head. So here it is (and you’ll be able to tell when I stop editing out all the boring details about the events leading up to the actual story.
          On Thursday December 11, 2008 at exactly 11:50 am, I found out that my grandfather had died. His actual time of death was somewhere around three in the morning, several hours before my mom got there. My entire day after that was pretty much screwed over. After I got plastered on Friday (no seriously, I got plastered – my friend poured plaster all over me, it was great) I avoided the party downstairs that my sister was throwing to celebrate her friend Megan’s birthday –
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 1
I remember
I remember the way his head and shoulders used to hunch, taking two inches off his height (he had trouble looking up or seeing behind him).
I remember how good he was at handling an electric wheelchair (he impressed the other senior citizens, and ran into things when he turned around).
I remember his prosthetic left arm and right leg (he was really good at doing everything one handed).
I remember the way his lower lip, slightly purple, used to sag when he was awake (they did a pretty good job making him look peaceful).
I remember how his prosthetic arm was always paler than his skin (they tried to make it look darker with make up).  
I remember how warm he was, despite being so thin (bodies really do get cold after death, and it’s not because of the giant refrigerators they put them in).
:iconmaranox:Maranox 0 2
Candied Plastic
Lots of long lost friends
Cookies from a tube
Just one studded condom  
And banana flavored lube
All the pretty neon colors
Mixed with pacifier fun
Equals candy coated fucking
Lots of joy for everyone
There's just one tiny problem
Only one of us is straight
So we'll put him in the hall
And he'll make sexy bait
Those poor guys won't know what hit them
And those ladies they will groan
When they see this handsome lollipop
All of them will moan
Tons of beads to pick and chose from
Just like fish down in the sea
There's just no combination
That is perfect as can be
But we'll thread the colored plastic
And enjoy the giddy glee
As we laugh and reminisce
Because everyone missed me!
:iconmaranox:Maranox 1 5


clavicle perch by like-textas clavicle perch :iconlike-textas:like-textas 64 12 Dove tattoo design by Malitia-tattoo89 Dove tattoo design :iconmalitia-tattoo89:Malitia-tattoo89 11 1 Bird by Jiinx11 Bird :iconjiinx11:Jiinx11 13 2 dove for emily by RandomNepo dove for emily :iconrandomnepo:RandomNepo 338 98 bird by FraH bird :iconfrah:FraH 12 2 Tattoo by 13th-SnowPrincess Tattoo :icon13th-snowprincess:13th-SnowPrincess 30 6 Chest Piece Tattoo Redone by LittleSarah88 Chest Piece Tattoo Redone :iconlittlesarah88:LittleSarah88 31 2 Wings Tattoo Commission by Samishii-Kami Wings Tattoo Commission :iconsamishii-kami:Samishii-Kami 12 0 Dream Catcher Birds of a Feather Tattoo by Metacharis Dream Catcher Birds of a Feather Tattoo :iconmetacharis:Metacharis 28 3 bird for josh by RandomNepo bird for josh :iconrandomnepo:RandomNepo 29 4 Tattoo Idea by playdough-princess Tattoo Idea :iconplaydough-princess:playdough-princess 14 2 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design by NeonKitty9 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design :iconneonkitty9:NeonKitty9 23 4 Swallow Tattoo Outline by kelequinn Swallow Tattoo Outline :iconkelequinn:kelequinn 24 1 Stella Maris Tattoo by Sleepwalks Stella Maris Tattoo :iconsleepwalks:Sleepwalks 20 3 I am no bird... by Kitty-Grimm I am no bird... :iconkitty-grimm:Kitty-Grimm 93 19 no early bird by KerstinS no early bird :iconkerstins:KerstinS 320 40



United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: See above answer
Favourite photographer: I dont know very many photographers, but show me one or two and I'll tell you who I like best!
Favourite style of art: When i look at art, I look at what I'm supposed to be seeing and not just what's been pain
MP3 player of choice: Ipod (even though they suck in the category of sound quality)
Shell of choice: Um...... the spirally kind hat hermit crabs and the snails in Texas use??
Wallpaper of choice: The wallpaper of the moment!...which could be anything.
Skin of choice: Whatever inspries me when I see it.
Favourite cartoon character: Sylvester...don't ask.
Personal Quote: Love me for who I am and what I am because that's all I'll ever be.
  • Listening to: My Teacher
  • Reading: Biology PowerPoint
  • Watching: Biology PowerPoint
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
1. I love the gypsy look
2. I love/admire/desire/adore/omfggimme the cyber goth look and I'm totally obsessed with it. I have also begun to employ it.
3. ADORE the Raver look and have been employing it for quite some time now
4. I miss cold weather like it's nobody's business
5. Never trust the weather
6. Don't trust what the weather man says. He lies. (see #5)
7. Synthetic dreads = love
8. I <3 Candy/Candi/Kandi/Kandy/However-you-spell-brightly-colored-bead-bracelets (cause everyone I know spells it differently (: )
9. Swedish accents are sexy
10. So are Australian, British, German, Swiss, Finnish, Russian, and many other accents.
11. Bras in my size should be readily available in cute colors, patterns, and looks because plain tan/black/white is really boring. (I'm naturally a 34 DD/E depending on brand so it's depressing to try and find cute things, even at Victoria's Secret)
12. Renn Fest is the #1 thing I look forward to every year, followed by Autumn and then Halloween.
13. I need to lose about 20 lbs.
14. I REALLY need to workout to do #13
15. I need to make a trip to Colorado because i haven't see my ladies in FOREVER
16. I will be going to Germany with the lovely Brooke in the spring of 2013, hopefully
17. I WILL rave in London, Berlin, Paris, and hopefully Moscow some day.
18. Ireland is calling my name.
19. Scotland too.
20. Actually anywhere that isn't the United States wants me to come visit because my traveler nature is telling me to travel.
21. Corsets are sexy. I wish to own many.
22. I feel the most comfortable in a pair of jeans, a tank top, and a t-shirt.
23. I don't wear make-up, unless i am going out on the town or to a rave.
24. Despite being a raver I have never yet been tempted to consume any mind-altering substance other than alcohol.
25. I quit smoking tobacco recently and it is going very well. I feel better without it.
26. But I still partake int he tobacco-less shisha for my hookah.
27. Pandas.
28. I love the things I find on dA for the most part - they inspire me.
29. Candy. The edible kind.
30. Stuffed animals and big fluffy pillows.
31. I like the ladies.
32. But I also like the men.
33. I knit. A lot.
34. Blizzcon.
35. Yes.
36. Costumes are possibly one of the greatest things ever next to alternative fashion and the undergrounds cultures that enrich our lives.
37. Techno/Dance/House/Heavy-Metal/Alternative/Industrial/Combinations-of-these types of music makes me happy.
38. Can't wait to graduate from college in a year and a half.
39. Am coming down with something as I type this. And I despise being sick.
40. I am really hungry.

Typed during my General Biology class. I feel like total crap and probably could have continued with this but I need to go and get some medicine before I die of what feels like the flu I had my freshman year when the doctor at the Quack Shack gave me a prescription for penicillin.


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